Annual Tax Returns

Personal Tax Returns for Business Owners

Filing a personal tax return can be quite daunting for those who are not familiar with up-to-date tax rules. Tax returns filing for entrepreneurs do not have to be a chore. Canadian income tax rules can change from time-to-time. These rules can affect how much you pay in taxes, or the opportunities you have for savings and investments. 

Whether or not you earn income from your business, you still must file a personal tax return, besides your corporate return. 

Our accountants in Calgary ensure that your personal tax return is filed accurately and on time. We work to find relevant deductions and credits applicable to your case, in order to minimize your tax burden. 

We won’t just look at your personal situation to do this.  We keep up to date with changes in personal tax legislation in order to better serve our clients.

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When we run your regular bookkeeping, we’ll also be sure to complete and file your paperwork in a timely manner, to avoid penalties. Plus, there will be less for you to do, since we’ll already be ‘in the know’ about your entire financial situation.

We love educating our clients about the latest changes in GST tax rules, and how it can affect their business. As professionals, we receive regular training and news related to our field. We review it all, so you don’t have to. We simply make contact when we feel tax changes are relevant to you. We love providing GST returns filing for entrepreneurs. 

Personal business owner tax return services we provide: