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Are you at the point where you feel that you need to hire a part-time controller to handle your accounting department? At a certain point in your business journey, you’ll realize that bookkeeping and accounting are not enough. Neither is expert tax filing on time. You have passed the stage of ‘make or break,’ and are ready for growth strategies. That takes serious consideration of budget forecasting, risk management, performance indication, contract negotiation, financing sources, and more. This is a big job with ongoing needs. It also requires a dedicated skillset. However, you may also find that you’re in an ‘in-between’ stage. You’re not ready to bring on a full-time controller (or if you’re not sure, in which case, we can tell you!). In that case, a part-time, outsourced controller is likely your best fit. We are that fit! In addition to bookkeeping and accounting, we provide Calgary-based controller services on a part-time basis. If you feel that you are at the stage where you need to hire a part-time controller for your business, book your free consultation now.
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