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Why should you consider Nexus Accounting? Whether you are a tech startup with limited resources and a few employees or a growing organization with established clients and revenue, our Calgary accountants are ready to support your journey to success. We are committed to providing the same, high standard of service to all of our clients, irrespective of size.   We’re not just punctual and friendly; we’re absolutely in your corner. We want to help you make the most educated financial decisions, so you can be successful. We spend time getting to know you, and your business goals, on a personal level. We keep you in mind when new personal tax legislation can affect you – whether positively or negatively. We constantly advise on new bookkeeping strategies.   Man and woman consulting Bookkeeping can be overwhelming. Recording transactions, paying bills, invoicing clients, reimbursing employees; it has to be done right. We use modern collaboration tools to handle these tedious, yet critical bookkeeping duties. This allows your team to enter data easily while we handle the rest.   No matter how much of the work you want to handle in-house, or have us do, we can accommodate your needs. We’ll make a systematized plan together.   Our Calgary bookkeeping firm uses the most innovative cloud-based technology to make the accounting process streamlined, fast and efficient. Notifications, reminders, invoice payments, tax payments and more can be automated to the max. These methods are more cost-effective, and even more accurate, than traditional bookkeeping.   No more waiting weeks to get paid, no more keeping spreadsheets, and no more storage fees for those piles and piles of paper! We can also migrate your entire accounting department into a modern, web-based software.     We don’t offer pre-set service packages, because that would be a one-size-fits-all approach to bookkeeping. In real life, businesses are different; they have different goals and different needs. They also each have their own needs and resources.   So, before we offer you any service, we get to know you during the consultation process. If it turns out that you just need a part-time controller, we can do that. On the other hand, if you need help setting up your accounting and bookkeeping systems from scratch, we can teach you those skills.   After we customize your bookkeeping solutions, we’ll provide you with a clear, flat-rate monthly fee for your current fiscal year. Your chosen package will document what you’ll receive for the rate we quote you. It will be ‘fair-and-square,’ based on your expected volume of transactions, your number of payroll employees and other relevant factors. Any major, onetime tasks will be quoted on separately.     We know all-too-well that business deadlines can’t wait. That goes especially when it comes to financial reporting, paying taxes on time, or keeping books up-to-date.   Part of our advantage is that we use best-in-class technology to be able to work faster, more efficiently, and for any time zone. If you have a presentation in Toronto or Vancouver, our cloud-based systems can deliver instantly from Calgary. Virtual bookkeeping has never been easier. Our goal is to work with you, not just for you.       If you have questions or concerns about our bookkeeping or accounting services we are providing you, you are welcome to contact us. We pride our customer service in quick turnaround times. That goes for callbacks and e-mail replies too.   We believe good communication is at the base of any successful business relationship. So, we make it as easy-as-possible for our clients. We answer notes and chats in accounting software, deliver plans in advance, and more.  
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